We request that you support the demands of civil society as expressed in the Appeal to the Parliament of Romania and to the European Parliament, signed by more than seven hundred and fifty intellectuals, six non-governmental civic organisations and two trade unions representing more than a million members.  The Appeal demands application of the recommendations of the Report condemning the crimes of communism.  The Appeal was registered sixty days ago by the Senate Registrar, with registration no. 499/15.03.2007, for the attention of Mr Nicolae Vacaroiu, President of the Senate, and by the Registrar of the Chamber of Deputies, with registration no. 1240/15.03.2007.  In spite of the fact that the law requires the Romanian authorities to answer within thirty days, we have yet to receive any reply.

We mention that, on 18 December 2006, before a joint assembly of both Chambers of Parliament, the Head of State, President Traian Basescu, officially condemned the communist regime in Romania as illegitimate and criminal.  A large number of parliamentarians attempted to disrupt the delivery of the President?s speech by outrageous means.  With the object of blocking the consequences of the condemnation of the crimes of communism (but also with the object of blocking the fight against corruption), a political crisis was instigated immediately after the act of condemnation.  This led to the dissolution of the political alliance that had up to then governed Romania.  Consequently, a new parliamentary majority was formed, determining a fundamental restructuring of the government and the suspension by Parliament of the President of Romania ? the guarantor of application of the recommendations of the Report condemning the crimes of the communist regime.  In spite of the fact that it had been declared a document of state, the Report was rejected by a parliamentary majority.

We mention that, at our request, the Minister of Justice recently declared his support for the speedy resolution of the investigations into two of the major crimes of communism: the massacre of December 1989 and the fratricide of June 1990.  Recently, the Minister capitulated in the face of political pressure in connection with serious acts of corruption, disregarding the principle of the separation of powers within the rule of law.  We deem that under such circumstances the promised support will no longer be possible.  In confirmation of our concerns, the ?Coalition for a Clean Government? has demanded the dismissal of the Minister of Jusice, a demand ignored by the authorities.

Esteemed Messrs Barroso, Poettering and Frattini, bearing in mind the fact that the European Union has need of a Romania cleansed and healed of the scars of the crimes of the communist dictatorship, we request your support in the resolution of our demands.  Condemnation of the crimes of communism must become a living reality through adoption by Parliament of the laws recommended by the Report for the Condemnation of Communism.  At the same time, the justice system must bring to a conclusion the investigations into crimes that today seem unbelievable, crimes that shook Europe at the close of the twentieth century ? the bloodiest century in history.  ?What is history if not an exorcism of the demons of the past in order to prevent them penetrating into the future??  These were the words pronounced in 1993 by Ana Blandiana, the celebrated poet who founded the Sighet Memorial to the Victims of Communism, regarded by the Council of Europe as one of the first three places of European memory, alongside the Auschwitz Memorial and the Peace Memorial in France.


Esteemed Messrs Barroso, Poettering, and Frattini, help us, for the good of Romania and of the European Union, ?to exorcise the demons of the past in order to prevent them from penetrating into the future?!

We append the following documents, which we ask you to read with the utmost attention:

?        Open letter to Mr Tudor Chiuariu, Minister of Justice, and Mr Franco Frattini, Vice-president of the European Commission and Justice Commissioner for the European Commission (28 April 2007)?        Appeal to the Interim President of Romania and the authorities of the European Union (22 April 2007)

?        Appeal for Romania (14 June 2005)

?        Open letter to Mr Tudor Chiuariu, Minister of Justice (6 April 2007)

?        Appeal to the Parliament of Romania and to the European Parliament (11 March 2007)

Yours faithfully,

In the name of the signatories of the above-mentioned appeals,

Sorin Iliesiu?Vice-president of the Civic Alliance, initiator of the Appeal for the Condemnation of the Crimes of the Communist Regime

Bucharest, 14 May 2007