Abstract: The main hypothesis of the article is that there is a transfer of symbols, public metaphors and discourse structure between the reception of the Holocaust and the understanding of Communism in the Romanian public sphere. The author follows the media reactions to the Final Report of the Presidential Commission of Analizing the Communist Dictatorship lead by Vladimir Tismăneanu and makes a comparison with the reactions towards the Final Report of the International Commission for the Holocaust in Romania, lead by Elie Wiesel. While accepting that there cannot be any comparison between the two tragedies, the author claims that the main techniques used by those that deny the Shoah are used by those that deny the crimes of Communism. The methods taken into account are the minimalistic approach, the negation approach, the trivialization approach, the distorting approach and the incredibility approach. They are discussed in the context of the reception of the ?Tismăneanu? Report and are commented in the perspective of their connection with the ?Wiesel? Report.