The Romanian Peasant Museum is seeking contributions for its annual review Martor. The Martor review is a peer reviewed academic journal established in 1996, with a focus on cultural and visual anthropology, ethnology and museology. The theme of Martor 17/2012 issue is Everyday life under communism. History, memory, oblivion. The call is addressed to specialists in different areas of social and human sciences who are interested in the everyday life under communism, the relation between memory and identity respectively between memory and history. The articles may approach the following issues, but also other kindred subjects as well: Survival and success strategies, infiltration in the system, access to resources, positions, privileges. Private and public in personal experiences. Status and social roles Community life (in village/in town), neighbors and neighborhoods. Household, house role in the establishment of family life and social affirmation. Organizational system in communism. Work in the socialist system. Free time and the official organization of entertainment. Socialist economy, informal economy generated by penury in ?80s (for Romania). Religion and ideology, family celebrations and compelling celebrations. The school and the educational system. The medical system, life and death in Romanian hospitals. Everyday life in political propaganda; the role of the family, husband, wife and children and youngster in official documents. Legislation concerning family, the medical system, the educational system. Recollection strategies, representations, exhibitions, museums, events, places of memory. Texts are expected to be in either English or French or Romanian (then will be translated for publication) of 35.000 to 60.000 characters (with spaces) and submitted by May 1th, 2012. To see the details and further information, see: